Our Next Adventure

We are currently having a three-month road trip around India and Nepal before we move back to the UK On January. We have been traveling away from Hyderabad for just over a week so far after living there for just over a year. My mum has been working for a hospital and helping teach midwifery in government and private hospitals. 

My siblings and I have been going to an international school for the past year. Hyderabad is such a great city and I am missing it already as is always had something new to offer. I made some great friends whilst living in Hyderabad and had some great experiences. 

ISH (the name of our school) was very different from a school in England as we had much smaller classes and more online learning. We also did more sports and extracurriculars than in the UK like travel to Delhi to do a swimming competition and I went on a school trip to Hampi for a week! 


We are currently in Bodhgaya, the place where Lord Buddha found enlightenment underneath the Bodi tree. It was such an amazing place to visit as it is filled with monks visiting from all over the world to meditate and pray in the shade of this magnificent tree. The tree that we saw was actually a fourth-generation offspring of the original tree taken from another descendant of the third-gen. tree in Sri Lanka. We also saw where he did his seven-week meditation after finding enlightenment, and all of these places were really stunning and tranquil. We also had some really nice Thai food that we were all craving and it was just what we wanted.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and understand a little more about our new adventure, a two years away Family Hijack will be coming soon!


The King- Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley, the king of rock’n’roll. We went to his home Graceland on the weekend it was really interesting as we learned all about his daily life, cars, family, shows, clothes, and record labels. We also got to go into his stunning mansion.

We started off the tour in the amazing hallway with a beautiful lounge and a gigantic sofa hand made to fit in his living room with a grand piano in the lounge area. Elvis would entertain his guest here after a large and hearty meal.

Next, the fabulous dining room that was set out as Elvis would have had it and if any of his family would ever be in town the still have meals in that dining room. Elvis would sit at the head of the table so he could watch the TV during dinner. The kitchen was pretty special and there was always something going on it there, said Priscilla. It was really cool and had four televisions in that room.

Elvis had two basement rooms, one a spacious bar/chilling area for guest and family. It had a projector and three TVs along with yellow and blue sofas. A small part of Elvis’s large record collection was in that room.