Dengue Dengue

15 Jan

After an amazing trip we have finally arrived home.Although it wasn’t quite the way we had planned it…                                                                                                                                                 It all started when we arrived in Bangkok three day early and we arrived very late on the Sunday.The next couple my sister georgie started to feel unwell and she couldn’t walk to the lift without collapsing  in the lift.My mum was really worried about her.So when she just slept and started to build a rash they decided to take her to hospital.When we arrived mum had to get her all filled in and describe her condition whilst a nurse came and took her temperature.After the doctor took some tests and they thought she should stay the night and have some fluids dripped into her.We went to visit her lots and the doctor said she should stay another night even though our flight the next day lucky our insurance payed for mum and georgie to go on a flight the following day so me and my brother went home a day earlier with dad on a British Airways flight.

But we are all happily back together now.

And here is a few words from my little sister:                                                                                         “I had Dengue Fever, if you get dengue fever don’t worry you will get better eventually.Luckly I am feeling better now but still a bit tired but i am recovering slowly!”Georgia.

Finally We Are Out…

8 Jan

Hey guys we are now in Bangkok after finally escaping the disaster of Ko Phangan.It was mad. We had to go down to the village and see if you could get out of Ban Tai (north of the island) and we could.But there was a great obstacle in our way:we still had the hire car and we needed to get dads passport back.So we had to get up to the hire car place and give the car back and get the passport.We got it but then we had no way of transport and we still needed to get across the island to reach the ferry port.Luckly we were offered the chance to by the hire car lady that she would drive us there for a little bit extra.

Mum and Dad took the chance and we managed to get across but it was dangerous.There were Massive  mud slides practically covering the whole road and there were trees breaking through electricity lines.When we got there, we had to get a  ticket for the ferrie and an overnight bus ticket to Bangkok.The ferrie stank. It was filled with wet and tired travelers but it was fun.My mum did not feel good so I had to look after her.The boat was so choppy it constantly felt like we were about to tip over but we were fine.When we arrived,we had to wait for ages for our bus to come but we killed the time buy having some noodles and rice.

Finally,we got on the bus.It was a luxury bus with blankets and the seats went right back. Annoyingly we had two Spanish ladies in front of my dad and she made us all move round as she couldn’t lie back, even when we I’d move she was still annoying as she talked all night!

When we arrived in Bangkok it was three in the morning but luckily there was a row of taxis outside. We had to get a taxi to our hotel,  unfortunately we had to pay for an extra night in the hotel as we had expected to arrive later but my mum is hoping to claim it back from our travel insurance.

Anyway thankfully we escaped when we could and we’re looking forward to so,e fun times in Bangkok before we head home to England.

Disaster Strikes:As South Thailand Floods

7 Jan

Hi guys, me and my family are stuck in a disaster zone at Ko Phangan.Our only way out is a road with immense mud slides and heavy flooding.The electricity is down and we have no running water.A mud slide has just fallen right by our apartment and the village has floods up to your thighs.The sea around Ko Phangan is extremely choppy and many boats have tipped.
It may sound fun but our apartment is a death trap and my mum has already slipped.This place is dangerous and we are puzzled on what to do.
The update on the weather is trenchall rain all day today and tomorrow.My mum is trying to contact our travel insurance to see if we can go to one of the posh resorts down the road just so we can be dry.
They are doing all the can to keep us safe and healthy but it is just to dangerous.
Also to add to todays adventure my dad had to help dig a motorbike out of a landslide which really was fun.
I will give you all an update on the situation tomorrow and hopefully we will be out of this disaster island and safely be on our way to Bangkok.


Saving the Elephants: Chang Mai

4 Jan

Hey guys I forgot to mention last post that I am now 11 years old!!

This time on my travels we are in Chang Mai (north Thailand) and we have been to an amazing elephant sanctuary. The place was called Elephant Nature Park ( Im sure its the best one in thailand)

! It really raised awareness of these poor creatures lives and how tourism  has had a massive impact on there lives.

We got to here about their injuries and how they were caused.One poor elephant had its leg blown up by a landmine whilst being forced to do illegal was really interesting.

A part I found amazing was seeing a six month old baby boy elephant eating happily with its giant family.You could really see it developing its ways of life.

We did a lot of interesting things there like feeding the elephants and washing one with buckets in the river.I also got to get right up close to the lumbering monsters and pet them.

From this experience I, when I now see an elephant riding centre I now how much it can hurt these poor animals.

Please comment below if you have had any amazing experiences in Chang Mai !!!!

My time in Thailand

3 Jan

Day 1: Bangkok                                                                                                                                                   hi guys I am back sorry i have not written lately but i have been very busy,anyway back to the point. We have arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, today and it is sweltering hot.

When we got there we arrived we had to fill out loads of forms, it was so boring.Then we had to take a underground train to the skytrain or BTS(which is awesome)to rattachewie train station.After all that, we had the nightmare of checking in to the hotel which is lovely  by the way and is called Evergreen Place        if you ever go to Bangkok I totally recommend it.

Later this evening we went to a great night market and had a strange barbecue meal.My mum and dad tried to do it but they messed up severely and practically ruined the meal. but it was fun.

After a great wonder round the market we decided to get a tuk-tuk  back home. That was a MISTAKE! It completely put us off tuk-tuks.we literally came off the road and it was mad.

When we got back we got an ice cream from 7 eleven and now i am writing this to you.


Chilled in a Field Festival 2016: Friday 29-31st July.

2 Aug

Chilled in a field has been running for a few years. It is a small festival which styles itself as a “festival born out of the 90’s party scene which now embraces our little people”. It is a non profit organisation with no corporate sponsorship and run entirely by volunteers.

It is set in the Kent countryside at Hop Farm, it is fairly local to us in Brighton, which is always a bonus. We arrived Friday afternoon but the site was already filling up as gates opened at 12pm, with activities starting straight away. The camping areas were lovely with great facilities, including proper toilet blocks and showers and plenty of space. Glamping options including bell tents were also available. We also thought it was a nice touch, on a festival which bills itself as a full on party but also suitable for families, to offer different sections of camping, night owl or early bird. We were in the early bird camper van areas as we had 3 kids with us, as did friends and it was very quiet at night, no problems at all and even the mornings were lovely and peaceful. None of the camping looks too cramped and there was plenty of places for families and individuals to have their own space without losing any atmosphere. Another benefit of the camping areas was that they were right off from the field were the main events happen. I love this! There seems tp be a growing trend to have separate camping areas and festival areas and I feel that this can limit atmosphere  sometimes, I always love camping where all the action happens!

In the festival itself there was a woodland area with a stage, a dance tent and main stage. The woodland area held workshops, activities and theatre for the kids by day and a pretty full on secret disco playing some pretty kick ass hard house/ trance and drum and bass by night.

The dance tent had a brilliant bar serving a range of real ales, ciders and cocktails and remained well stocked throughout the festival. The prices were really reasonable and the staff helpful and friendly. The music was curated by three different record labels/ club promoters and the quality was excellent!! Billy Bunter headlined the Friday, 2 Bad Mice on Saturday and The Ting the Sunday.

The main stage had eclectic DJ’s playing great tunes throughout the morning and early afternoon with live acts late afternoon and evening. Two of our favourite  acts were Lambrego and The Egg both on Sunday. Lambrego are  a 3 piece band playing fantastic mellow Brazilian folk music and The Egg played down tempo yet funky hypnotic electro  tunes.

Throughout the weekend there was absolutely loads to do for adults and kids and nearly all the activities were free. The kids had a great time in the making tent and looking at the quirky mobile museum which had a great range of displays and artefacts which we were all encouraged to pick up and explore. The guy in the tent was really friendly and knowledgable too. Both the adults and kids enjoyed the glitter wrestling and the marble maze as well as the glitter shower, circus performers and the night-time fire show was mesmerizing for adults and kids alike!

The food on offer was quality, varied and reasonably priced and my kids are really impressed that they were able to get half price deals for kids  portions. They really loved the frozen yoghurt and smoothy van as well as the kids breakfasts at kaleidoscope kitchen. We enjoyed a delicious burritos from the Mexican food stall. There was also a shop selling a few essentials and toys and sweets for the kids which was very reasonably priced.

Overall, we loved the overall vibe and atmosphere of the festival. There was plenty of free things to do for the kids and I enjoyed not being pestered by the kids to buy things all the time. The camping was fantastic and we were happy to let the older kids run free and explore the festival for themselves as everything was pretty much based in one big field. The music was great, especially the dance tent and woodland area. The whole thing felt like a free party from back in the day, just this time I got to bring the family and sleep in a nice quiet campsite. I believe they are having a break next year but I look forward to Chilled in a Field 2018.



Elderflower Fields 27th-30th MAY 2016

2 Jun
  • Camping in half term is a family favourite event and this year we were even more excited than usual as we had been invited to attend Elderflower Fields;  a family focused festival, full of activities for the kids in beautiful Sussex countryside.

The festival is currently in its 5th year and has a capacity of 5000 (??) which means its small and therefore feels totally safe and friendly rather than some of the bigger festivals I have been to in my younger days. The festival is based at Pippingford Park, which is an idyllic  Sussex country estate near Tunbrigde Wells and for us only an hour from home. Bonus!

The site and Camping options

The site is big and all the camping areas were well spaced out, with beautiful views without being too far from the main events. We were situated on a hill in the camper van field. Although we don’t have a camper van we wanted to camp with other friends who did and found this was allowed with no probs. We found all the staff INCREDIBLY helpful, relaxed and in the back ground all weekend; although they also stepped up when needed. The main camping area is a little further into the site but during the whole festival the organisers run a really helpful little train service with carts on the back in which you can load on your camping stuff and grab a lift to where u need to go! This is perfect and such a good idea as the idea of lugging a family of 5 ‘s camping gear a long walk to car after a full on festival weekend can almost ruin the whole thing! Friends who don’t really ‘do’ camping always site the lack of decent toilets as a reason not to enjoy festivals however the toilets here were brilliant. There were a few porta Loo’s scattered about but the majority of the toilets were the ‘posh’ porta cabin style . These were lovely as Loo’s go! We never had to queue, were clean and not stinky and even the fussy little one was happy. We even sampled the showers one morning and they were equally fab. Clean and unbelievably warm with good pressure throughout, better than I had ever had at any other festival.

The main event

There is so much to see and do for kids and adults alike. Activities range from supervised art and sports camps for kids ( this means u get an hour or 2 to yourselves) to joint family events such as kayaking and orienteering  ; to adult only events in the wellbeing areas such as massage and yoga. My kids said some of their favourite events were the sports camp and also the slack lining in the trees. I have a 5 yr old boy and 9 and ten yr old girls and they all did he sports camp together. It held their attention for nearly 2 hours and was very well organised. I watched from the sidelines relaxing in the Sunday sun with friends while they remained captivated trying taster sessions of archery and fencing amongst others.

I have been to elderflower fields before several years ago and found although there was music it was defiantly in the back ground however this year I found he music was more of a main event too. The main stage had an eclectic mix of music with our favourite being mr b and also the resonators on the main dragon fly stage. This year there was also 2 stages hidden in the woods…. One near a cocktail bar which went on into the night. Although I didn’t actually get to sample the late dos , my friends without little ones said it was brill. The woodland stage is entered through an enchanted wood and over a magical bridge. This stage was beautiful and we saw some fantastic and intimate folk amongst other stuff. One of the reasons why elderflower is so special is the attention to detail. As parents it’s so rare to get to lounge in the sun and listen to top music with friends,  however at elderflower I had that chance. By the woodland stage while I lounged on hay bales the children played happily on the many swing balls sets posted fantastically at the top of the hill by the stage. Equally at the main stage,  to the right  of the stagethe children were kept entertained for hours by fantastic circus skills equipment and staff making massive bubbles.

food and drink.

elderflower fields has a fanatic range of food with the highlight being the big FREE communal picnic on the sunday. This has been an annual event since elderflower has started. The crowds gather on the main field in groups of 12 and get to share a fanatic range of samples from local suppliers. The quality is honestly great, with my favourite being the smoke mackerel pate from #veasyandsons and the cheese from #highwealddairy and it’s feels really special to be eating food from mostly local small suppliers. Well done elderflower!

Aside from the picnic we ate a variety of home cook snacks around the tent and sampled some of the other food on offer. We ate a lot of #bigeats food. They used to run he kitchen in our favourite Brighton  pub @thedruidsarms and my children think their chicken wings and burgers are to die for. We also had fanatic in fish and chips from Ollie fish shack and naughty chocolate breakfast crepes from crepier Lui. Friends also said the wood fired pizza at the pizza Sagan were great. There was a great range of food options across the site and prices pretty reasonable for a festival with every venue I came across offering kid size portions and prices , around £3-4. Even the ice cream  @supermice came in kid size portions which was great as I really resent spending a tenner on ice cream cones that often end up on the floor or Ll over the kids !! Adult prices for food were also reasonable and most venues open from early for breakfast to late for evening snacks with option ranging from£4-£8 for a decent size portion of food.

Drinks wise there was 3 main bars offering all the usual suspects, with most of the other food venues selling soft drinks. There was also plenty of water taps around to fill up your water bottles if needed. The bars were actually really reasonable with a pint of lager costing £4.50… Cheaper than I would usually pay on Brighton seafront! The cocktails were between £7-£8 and although sometimes had to wait a bit , they were made from fresh and worth the wait! At peak times there was a small wait at all of the food and drink venues but this is to be expected and tbh never really a problem.


We had a totally fantastic time. Elderflower really puts a massive effort into the special touches and it really pays off; the site looked amazing with beautiful decor everywhere we turned. A Secret fairy school hidden in the woods; painting wall for kids early one mornin, a bus ride up the hill at night to name but a few. I have been to elderflower a few years before and although I had a good time, this year you could really see how much the festival had matured. The atmosphere was brilliant throughout and although a family focused festival there is loads of grown up fun to be had too! I had also forgotten to mention .. We realised half way through Saturday that there was no stalls selling tat or even fun fair rides to drain the bank of mum and dad dry. This was such a relief and definitely made more a much more relaxing holiday , without the kids constantly nagging to buy stuff!

Thank you elderflower and all at that have worked so hard to make it so special. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. We will definitely be back. Kate, Alex , Georgie and Dylan xxxx