Birthday Abroad

Today (01/12) was my 12th birthday. Although we were on the other side of the world I had just as much fun as I would have at home.

When I first woke up, I was ushered back to bed so my family could finish the preparations. Luckily I fell back to sleep quickly. I was later woken up by mum and Dylan who both told me what we were doing today. “Zip-wiring” they exclaimed excitedly. I jumped out of bed and got ready. As I walked into the living room the lush smell of pankakes and bacon took over me.

As I focused my eyes on to the table, I saw the large stack of presents, a stunning chocolate cake and three gigantic balloons. We all sat down and I was given my first present from Georgie. A lovely art set and a home-made card. I gave her a massive hug and said thank you. Next, Dylan gave me his present and card. The present was a beautiful chess set with the Incas and Conquistadors as playing peiecs. I was really touched by the way he thought of such a lovely gift by himself. After a hug for Dylan, Mum and Dad gave me their presents.

Firstly I opened dads ‘amazing’ home-made card. Dad’s drawings are not the best and the ballon looked like a misshapen light blub but the words were really nice! I was given a present from everyone which was beautifull and detailed hand painted note book with a brightly coloured parrot on it. Last but not least I was given a large package and I was curious to find out what it was. When I opened it I was surprised as it had a lovely new backpack that looks like it will last a long time.

Finally I opened a package from my Nanna in wales who managed to sends a package to Peru along with my Auntie Liza and Uncle Steve. In the first package I got lots of great things from home and a jar of MARMITE!!!!!! I love marmite. My friends from home also sent me messages and videos which meant a lot to me and I really enjoyed seeing their faces.

  1. After a lovely breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we were picked up by the tour group and taken to the zip-wires. On the bus, we met another British man who was doing the same thing as us.

I saw the cliff that we were going to climb as we arrived, I got very worried as I don’t like heights. After we got off the bus we were put straight into a harness and helmet and we were also given gloves. As we started to climb up the hill I thought, why do I need gloves and a harness to climb? However, I then turned the corner and I saw the iron poles sticking into the rock. I knew then that we needed the harness. After a long and scary climb, I reached the first zip-line…

Dylan got on first but when he looked over the edge he panicked and waited to go last with the guide. Mum had to go first and she looked really scared but made it! She looked really pleased when she had. Georgia went next but was way more scared then mum and had to be pushed off by the guide. It was now my turn and whatever I had in my mind did not prepare me for the drop that I saw as I climbed over the edge to the line. My heart was beating like never before and the wind in my face made me want to scream. As I flung myself off the edge I looked down into the never-ending gorge. I forced myself to look up at the man who was doing the signals and he was telling me to break. I did it! I made it with a smile on my face like never before.

We still had six more to go, but the next one was not as bad. I pushed my self off and I went flying across the canyon. What I was not expecting was the massive gust of wind that hit me when I left the wall of rock protecting me. Dylan did this one by himself though I was shocked that he was allowed to do it. However, in the end, he came off looking really pleased with himself and said he loved it.

The longest one (700 m) was next. Georgia and I had to go with the guy first as it was windy and we were likely to get stuck if we went by ourselves. Unfortunately, we still got stuck and the guide had to pull us up to the platform whilst I held on to Georgia for dear life as we were not connected.

The rest of the zip-lines were scary but I had got used to them and could enjoy my self more. The last one was the OK but we had to go into the wind so our eyes were streaming, we had to keep them open so we could see the signals to tell us when to break. We also went through a tree just before we came onto the platform. I kept thinking I was not going to make it and I got really scared but it was fun once I was safely back on the ground.

For dinner, we went out for a lovely meal at a steak restaurant and we all got what we wanted (mum and dad have not been letting us choose recently and we have been ending up with chicken feet soup!). Georgia even had steak and pasta on the same plate, her two favorite foods. I had a really great day and fell straight to sleep with a smile on my face.

2 thoughts on “  Birthday Abroad

  1. Happy birthday looks like you had a great day I’m really busy at the moment practicing for the show at the pantomime. Unfortunately I hurt myself on the Aerial when I got stuck in a move half way up the silks. I was left hanging and burnt both my armpits. I’m really nervous for the show just like you were doing th zip but I’m sure I’m going to love it too.
    Missing you lots.
    Love Daisy

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