The King- Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley, the king of rock’n’roll. We went to his home Graceland on the weekend it was really interesting as we learned all about his daily life, cars, family, shows, clothes, and record labels. We also got to go into his stunning mansion.

We started off the tour in the amazing hallway with a beautiful lounge and a gigantic sofa hand made to fit in his living room with a grand piano in the lounge area. Elvis would entertain his guest here after a large and hearty meal.

Next, the fabulous dining room that was set out as Elvis would have had it and if any of his family would ever be in town the still have meals in that dining room. Elvis would sit at the head of the table so he could watch the TV during dinner. The kitchen was pretty special and there was always something going on it there, said Priscilla. It was really cool and had four televisions in that room.

Elvis had two basement rooms, one a spacious bar/chilling area for guest and family. It had a projector and three TVs along with yellow and blue sofas. A small part of Elvis’s large record collection was in that room.

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