Online Addiction Disorder, What is it?

In class, we have been writing argumentative essays about online addiction, here is mine. It was based on an article from an English textbook.

Since technology and the internet were invented, people have been spending more time on a screen. Like any drug, it was only a matter of time before people became addicted to technology. As the internet turned forty America had to open up its first residential online-addicts treatment center. Despite the negatives, many people view the internet as a necessity if you use it wisely. In my essay, I will be covering the topic of internet addiction. Online addiction is as serious as any other addiction as it has many mental and physical health problems and it is spreading like wildfire throughout the world.

Being a teenager has many benefits in today’s world, especially with technology. Although it may seem great there are many issues with the internet, particularly with teens. Apps like Instagram can be great for sharing what you are doing with your friends. But many are obsessed with how many likes you may get and if you spend lots of time on it it can give people body positivity issues or FOMO. Cyberbullying is also on the rise with young people and with all of the social media apps, teens can never escape this vicious cycle. People can also lose social skills and can’t concentrate on school or work as many are thinking about social media. As people spend more time on social media and the internet they can become less satisfied with what they are doing, so people will spend more time on the internet and soon becoming addicted. Since the internet was invented, it has made studying easier for many students but it can also lead to a lack of individuality as some students can easily plagiarise their work. The internet has changed the lives of teenagers and young adults in remarkable ways but has also destroyed others’ lives.

As the number of online addicts rises, professionals are working tirelessly to find a cure. According to psychiatrists, internet addiction is pathological when it interferes with someone’s daily life. With excessive use, people suffering from internet addiction will have withdrawal symptoms if deprived of use for more than an hour. Many people who are suffering have undergone counseling and are receiving treatment. However, evidence suggests that there is a rising number of people falling prey to the internets addictive side.

Karan (a teenager from Mumbai) was only 17 when he was caught in the internet’s web. It started when he played “Counter-Strike”, a popular online game. He then started skipping lessons, quickly he ditched school entirely. Four months later his parents got a call saying he had not been attending. He is now seeking treatment. Internet addiction disorder – unlike other drugs – can affect people of all ages. A psychiatrist from Mumbai says she sees six to eight new cases every month, with the victims’ ages ranging from 10-year-olds to seniors. One of the problems is that many addicts don’t see a problem with spending time on the internet. Anyone on the internet is at risk of an internet addiction disorder and this is what makes it so challenging to avoid.

To sum up, many people suffer from internet addiction disorder around the world and there are few ways to stop it as we use the internet for nearly everything in our lives. So what are you going to do to stop yourself from getting caught in the net?

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