Hi, I am called Alex Stringer and I am thirteen years old. So why start a blog? well I started it to explain a bit about my life as a seven-year-old. Then we went away for six weeks in south-east Asia travelling around and I wanted to share my experiences. Then we have travelled the world and I wanted people to see the world through my eyes and it is a great way to show how the world really is. Then we moved to India for a year, currently, we are travelling around India in an old Skoda! We are also travelling to Nepal before we head back home in January are two and a half amazing years!

If you have any suggestions about what to write about please let me know in the comments box below, also any feedback is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy my blog and keep reading!!!

If you would like to hear any more about our adventure my brother and sister share a vlog on YouTube called brightonfamilyonntour.

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